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Aantal personen: Vanaf 6 personen
Kleinere groepen mogelijk op aanvraag
Tijdsduur: 210 minuten
Prijs: Vanaf € 49,50 incl. BTW p/p
Locatie: In 185 plaatsen mogelijk

Thrilling and revealing..

You expected a nice dinner? An evening uncomplicated enjoy? Delicious. Until... Sit back and open your eyes and ears. There has been a murder which you are going to solve between the courses. Crime scene is your dinner. Thrilling and served at your table .

A murder dinner is the perfect combination of a delicious three course meal and a live 'detective' experience. Together with your colleagues or friends you're going to solve the case. You can deliberate, scenario thinking is a must, but keep your solutions for yourself and your team. We need a Mastermind. You! No shit, Sherlock!

What awaits you during the Murder Dinner

Your company will warmly be received and welcomed with a drink and we will make the teams. You're barely sitting at the table when suddenly appears that a crime has taken place in the establishment, almost in your sight . This makes you first-witnesses and we're immediately counting on everyone's analytical insight at identifying the victim. Right away the fingerprint shows to be a difficult puzzle.

While the group in enjoying dinner, the case unravels slowly. Subtle details, revealing testimonials and (un)true motives: between the courses you will get closer to the true
facts. Take on the role of the suspects during a neighbourhood survey, discover the exact murder location through a fictional reconstruction. Who is the killer, what was the motive and how did the killer murder the victim? Collect all the evidence and give your verdict!

At the end of dinner, the truth will be revealed. Who, how and why did the murderer kill the victim? Your answers will checked and the winning teams will receive an appropriate gift. Thanks to you, the world has become a bit safer for everyone.


What are the costs for a Murder Dinner ?

A murder dinner experience will cost you €49.95 a person including 6% and 21% VAT, including dinner and one welcome drink for groups of 20 people or larger. Smaller groups will get a customized quote.

The Murder Dinner is possible at any location in the country , such as restaurants or activity centers. This can be arranged by yourself, but we will gladly assist you in finding a suitable location.


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